Free E-Books From R.C. Sproul

One of my favorite theologians to read is R.C. Sproul.  I recently read his Ebook “Does Prayer Change Things?”  It was an excellent read and I highly recommend it.  In it, he says…

“Sometimes the immature Christian suffers bitter disappointment, not because God failed to keep his promises, but because well-meaning Christians made promises “for” God that God Himself never authorized.”

He explains that God is not a magic bellhop who is ready to serve and satisfy at our every beck and call, but He is a loving God who is FOR us.

I highly encourage you to read this super short Ebook on prayer by R.C. Sproul.  And the best part is, it’s FREE.  Not only is that one free, but also 8 others like it.

  • Does God Control Everything?
  • Can I Trust The Bible?
  • What Is The Trinity?
  • What Is Faith?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Can I Know God’s Will?
  • Can I Be Sure I’m Saved?
  • Who Is The Holy Spirit?

These are for iBooks and you can get them HERE on iTunes

**My friend Brian in the comments below tells us there are even more for free on Kindle. Check it out!**

I would love to hear which ones you get and read.  Let me know what you think.