Books On My 2014 Reading List

Each year I try to cultivate a list of books that I would like to read during the course of the year.  Typically, I bite off a little more than I actually chew (notice I didn’t say CAN chew).  I love to read, however I find when I get out of a reading rhythm, I slow down and don’t churn through books like I want to.

Regardless, I still have a list of book I have not read I hope to get through this year.  The list will grow, however, here is what is currently on the list:

  • A Call To Resurgence | Mark Driscoll (currently reading)
  • Start With Why | Simon Sinek (currently reading)
  • Overwhelmed | Perry Noble
  • Leaders Eat Last | Simon Sinek
  • To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain | Matt Chandler
  • The Advantage | Patrick Lencioni 
  • The Accidental Creative | Todd Henry
  • Crash The Chatter Box | Steven Furtick
  • Let Hope In | Pete Wilson 
  • The Dude’s Guide To Manhood | Darrin Patrick
  • How To Deliver a TED Talk | Jeremy Donovan 
  • Leading on Empty | Wayne Cordeiro (re-read)

That’s a pretty good start I think.  I’ll be happy to have finished these.  I hope to squeeze in a few more along the way.

What are a few books you are reading or hoping to read by the end of this year?


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One thought on “Books On My 2014 Reading List

  1. Great list! Here’s some books on my currently reading or to read list:

    - Leadership on the Line by Heifetz and Linsky
    - Historical Theology by Allison (this book is a companion book to Grudem’s Systematic Theology and it’s really good so my, imo)
    - What Is a Healthy Church by Dever
    - Revisiting the Corruption of the New Testament by Wallace (nerd factor alert)
    - Preaching with Variety by Arthurs

    Like this

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