Church Planting’s Critical Question

When we planted our church, there was one question that I HAD to know the answer to. The answer to this one question would determine so much for us as a church plant, and myself as a church planter.




I needed to know the answer. Others would demand that I know the answer. The answer to this question would be what would save me from quitting over and over again.  And the answer to this question will not only help you get started if you’re planting, but also save you from calling it quits at some point.

The question is rather simple; WHY plant a church?  

Simon Sinek in his book, “Start With Why” says “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” By WHY he means, “WHY do you get out of bed every morning? And WHY should anyone care?”

In the beginning when starting up your plant, people will often ask you, “Why do we even need another church in this city? Aren’t there too many already?”  Answering with the default “It didn’t need another church, it needed a different kind of church” is cute, but let’s face it, that’s not really WHY. That won’t get you out of bed after a Sunday where no one showed up or your worship leader just quit.

WHY are you planting?  WHY are you taking such a great risk? WHY are you willing to sacrifice so much for this?  WHY will you work two jobs, raise a family, support a wife and even move to a city where you know NO ONE?

Knowing the answer to this question will:

  • Get you out of bed each morning
  • Make you have that meeting you really don’t want to have
  • Work a job you really don’t like in order to be able to have the means to get started
  • Take calculated risks 
  • Not quit
  • Endure, suffer, and at times struggle

Most church planters do what Sinek says is going outside in vs inside out.  Outside in starts with what. I’m going to plant a church. Then it moves to HOW. It’s going to be like Newspring, Elevation, Northpoint etc. Then we figure out WHY when we need to.

I agree with Mr. Sinek.  It starts with why.

How To Become A Church Planting Church

It’s no secret that I love church planting and those that plant churches.  We planted a church in 2009 called Ridge Church.  So I don’t just love church planting from a distance, I love it from the middle of it.


One of the questions I often get when meeting with pastors is “how do we get started with church planting?”  For the record, I think every church should be involved in church planting.  Let’s be honest; every church was once a church plant.  God didn’t put 1st Baptist or 2nd Presbyterian here when he placed Adam and Eve.  Someone had to start it.   Continue reading

Six Fall Outreach Ideas To Plan Now

Six Fall Outreach Ideas

Fall isn’t over just yet.

The summer heat is over, summer vacations are over, the leaves are falling, football is being played and pumpkin flavored everything has hit the world.  It’s fall.  And the fall is one of the best times to leverage outreach in your church because of the gazillion things you could do.


One of my goals here on this site is to resource pastors, church planters and ministry leaders. Over the last several months, I have been working with Next Day Flyers to develop some ideas to help churches be a little more creative in their outreach approach.  Last month I wrote an article about Slow-Drip Marketing.  

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Breaking News: Tripp & Tyler Are The Funniest People You May Not Know Yet

I recently received a copy of Tripp & Tyler’s book, Stuff You Should Know About Stuff: How To Properly Behave in Certain Situations.  Last week, my family and I were on a little fall vacation together at a cabin, so I decided to either read this or use it as fire starter.  I liked it enough to not use it as fire starter.


Here’s what Jeff Foxworthy said about it, “Probably one to the top ten books ever written. I can’t wait to read it.” Continue reading

Five Sermon Prep Myths I Believed

Next year, I will hit a sort of milestone in my life.  One that honestly, had slipped right up on me. This upcoming summer, I will have been preaching for 18 years.  I preached my first sermon (not sure you can really call it that however) when I was 17 years old.

Over the years, I have learned a TON from my experience prepping messages, studying the scripture, and how to deliver it.  I’d by lying if I said had nothing yet to learn.  I have a LOT left to learn.   Continue reading

Why I Choose Expository Preaching

I can remember back when I first got into ministry, there was this debate about what best; expository preaching or topical preaching.  I thought it was a dumb debate.  And further, I thought expository preaching was only for one type of preacher, and I wasn’t it.  I was wrong, at least about the latter.


The debate part about which is best, is well, debatable.  I have preference, and it works for me, for several reasons.  The point of this post is not to tell you one way is better than the other or that you’re dumb for being a topical preacher.  I’m just going with what I know.   Continue reading

More Things To Consider When Adding a New Worship Service Time

Last week, I gave you 4 Things To Consider When Adding a New Worship Service Time.  This week, I want to continue that discussion by talking about a few MORE things to consider.

1.  What Is Your Plan To Advertise?

More service times means more opportunities for someone to come to your church.  But if they don’t know about those new times, they won’t come.  So what is your plan to get the word out? Let me suggest:

  • Facebook- You’ll get more bang for your buck in Facebook advertising
  • Power to the people- Put the power of the invite in the hands of people in your church by arming them with invites
  • Time- Give yourself at least 3-4 weeks to advertise to your people and community before pulling the trigger

2. What is Your Volunteer Plan?

If you want to add a new service time, it would be beneficial to also add to your volunteer base. Let’s be honest; it’s never a bad idea to ask people to serve.  In fact, it’s healthy.  If you are adding a second service, it’s a win/win because people can serve one, attend one.  If you are adding a third or more, it gets a little more difficult.  People can still serve one, attend one or even serve two and attend one.  Regardless, you’ll need more volunteers.

  • Start recruiting volunteers BEFORE you actually need them. There is not such thing as TOO many people serving
  • Every season is recruiting season
  • A tool like Volunteer Rocket can really help

3.  Timing Is Everything

When you are adding a service time, timing is everything.  There are certain times of year you want to take advantage of and other times of the year you should definitely NOT try to to add a service time.

  • You have two windows to operate in: Mid-January to early February or Mid-August to Early October.
  • Do not start a new service time the first Sunday in January
  • Do not start a new service time AFTER Easter
  • Never ever start a new service time during the summer (June-July)

There are lots of variables that play into when it’s a good time and if you’re ready to add a new worship service time.  Seek wise counsel, pray, and pray some more to get a clear direction on what you and your church should do.

4 Things To Consider When Adding a Worship Service Time

Let me know if this sounds familiar to you; You have one worship service time and by all accounts, it’s pretty full each Sunday.  There’s not much room for more people.  You’ve heard all the talk about “if it’s 70% full it’s full” talk and so in order to make room for new attenders, you want to add a new service time.

BUT….you’re scared.  You’re afraid your church will kick back because “we like to be able to know/see everyone” is being heard in the halls.  You also fear no one coming to the new service time, so you’ll be hearing crickets when you preach.  Trust me; these are real fears when contemplating adding a new service time.  But you don’t have to give in to them.  Continue reading

So You Want To Get Better?

When I was 16 years old, I decided I wanted to learn how to play the guitar, start a band and tour the world.  However, I had several problems; 1) I did not have a guitar 2) I could not play the guitar 3) I knew of no one that COULD play the guitar.


I’m glad that I didn’t let any of that stop me.  That summer, I saved my money, went and purchased a used guitar and a chord book.  I couldn’t afford lessons, so I knew that I would have to teach myself how to play.

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Thoughts From The Double Conference: Perry Noble #double14

Two weeks ago, I was honored to spend some time at Newspring Church in Anderson South Carolina for the Double Conference.  Last week I posted a few thoughts on the conference in general.  Today, I’d like to share with you a few thoughts and quotes from Perry Noble.

Not that it needs to be said about pastor Perry, but let me say this; I love this guy.  I know he takes a lot of heat from people at times, but I would go to bat for him any day of the week.  I’ve had the honor to get know pastor Perry a bit and have him pour into me.  For those only watching from a distance and wonder if he’s who he portrays to be, he absolutely is.  What you see is what you get. And what many don’t get to see, is that he truly cares about pastors, their churches and the big C Church.

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