Grow The Church and Preach Less

It has been said that a church can have sub-par music, bad kid’s ministries, and less than favorable location and still grow if the preaching is good to great.


Think about it; have you attended a church and put up one of these things or a combination of them just because you liked the pastor and his preaching was engaging?  It’s likely you have.  However, if you want a healthy church, I would suggest you also pay attention to those other areas too.  That’s another post for another time.  Continue reading

5 Reasons To Take An Extended Preaching Break

Have you ever preaching a message and after felt like you had already said all those things you just preached a few weeks earlier?  Or maybe you’re sitting down to write your next sermon only to find yourself staring into space because you feel like you’ve already said everything you know to say? It’s like it’s all running together.


Preachers like rivers, can run dry at times.  Unless there in an inflow of inspiration and the water is replenished, things will dry up quickly.   Continue reading

Sand, Crab Legs, Sun & Family

It’s been a bit quiet around here the last two weeks and for good reason; my family and I got away for some much needed family time and vacation on the beautiful beaches of the Florida panhandle.

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We had a great time playing in the sand, eating seafood and jumping way more waves that I could ever count.  Getting away to the beach with my family is one of my favorite things to do.   I can’t wait to do the next one.

Speaking of vacations and rest, check out this blog from Mark Driscoll for dads and 10 tips for vacations.  Also this The Village Church on a Rest Better Than Vacation.

I’ll be back to regulars posts next week.  Until then, here are a few pics our vacation time:

No More Preaching For Life Change

I use to believe that preaching was supposed to be for life change.  Let me explain; my idea of life change was that I would preach, people would hear and then go do what I challenged them to do and their life would change. Unfortunately, that method was really about me wanting to modify the behavior of people, and to create good, moral cultural Christians that showed up to church, tithed, and volunteered.


What I have come to realize (from my own detox) is that I must preach for heart transformation and the beginning of heart transformation starts with preaching to detox and deconstruct.  Read any of the parables and you will see Jesus doing detox and deconstruction.  He never tells anyone to change their behaviors, but instead he goes after their hearts.

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Religious Detoxing To Make Disciples

When I was 16 years old, I decided that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar.  The problem was that I knew no one that played, nor did I have the money to get lessons.  So my only solution to learning how to play the guitar was to teach myself.

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I had saved just enough money to purchase the two things I thought I needed most to be able to play; a guitar and a strap to hold my guitar so I looked good playing thus previously mentioned guitar.  I was now ready to wow my friends, have girls swoon over me, and start a band.  Only one problem; a had yet to learn how to play the guitar.

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5 Things A Starbucks Barista Does, That All Churches Should

Even if you’re one of those that refuses to pay $2 for a cup of Joe (gasp!), you can still learn a thing or two from a Starbucks Barista.

Starbucks Coffee is a polarizing company for coffee lovers.  The real coffee snobs hate them because they’ve taken gourmet coffee and made it mainstream and accessible.  The fake ones (like myself) love them because they’ve taken gourmet coffee and made it mainstream and accessible.

But more than serving great coffee, I love Starbucks because of the many lessons I’ve learned and seen implemented in local churches when it comes to creating community and service. Continue reading

3 Things Pastor’s Can Learn From Jimmy Fallon

Photo Credit: Theen ... via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Theen … via Compfight cc

Hands down, I love watching Jimmy Fallon.  In the past, I would only watch late night talk if there was nothing else on.  But since Fallon took over the Tonight Show, I watch as often as I can, when I happen to be awake at that hour.  There’s not a funnier man on late night television in my opinion. But it’s not just his comedy chops that make me watch.  In fact, I think there are a few things we pastor can learn from Jimmy Fallon.  Continue reading