You Might Be Called To Church Planting If….

How do you when it’s time to take your family to a new place, leave a stable job, rely on faith to have your bills paid and know that it is exactly what you are supposed to be doing?  Great question.


Many pastors go into a city they feel called to, where they know few or no one at all, are relying on other churches and people they know to help pay their start up salary, and have to be confident in knowing that is exactly where they are supposed to be.  This is the beginning of  church planting.

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3 Simple Things You Should Do Before Labor Day

School is back in session, college is staring but summer is not officially over just yet.  Until Labor Day arrives, many people and especially families, still have a summer mind set for a few more weeks.  This means, your opportunity to grow numerically as a church is coming very soon.

For so many reasons other than football, cooler temps and pumpkin flavored everything (LOVE ALL those things!), getting past Labor Day means that it’s the fall season and the fall season means people naturally start coming back to church.  Before they start to arrive, there are three things you should take a look at, tweak and spruce up. Continue reading

Discipleship In One Sentence

If, like me, you have read a million books on the topic of discipleship and what exactly discipleship IS, then I think this post will help you clear out the clutter.

There are a million opinions on what discipleship is and what it is not.  In fact, I could probably give you 5 that I myself have held over my years as a believer.  But in the last several years, I have come to understand the essence and meaning of discipleship in one, small, but possibility pregnant sentence.

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How To Improve Your Meeting Space Before This Sunday

It’s amazing how Sundays come with amazing regularity.  Look at your calender; in just a few short days, there will be another Sunday upon us all.  Before the next Sunday is here, you could make some quick changes to your meeting space with this simple tip.


Even if you do not have a permanent meeting facility, this is still a fantastic tip.  Here it is; take a walk around.   Continue reading

Using Evernote In Message Prep

I use Evernote.  A lot.

Evernote is a cross-platform application I use on my laptop, iPad and iPhone to collect ideas, write down thoughts/notes, and keep everything organized.


One of the things I use Evernote most for, is to collect ideas, thoughts, notes and sermon illustrations.  By setting up a folder in Evernote for these things, no matter where I am, I have a place to put these thoughts quickly, so I can go back and process them later.  Here’s how I do it…. Continue reading

15 Ways To Create Buzz (The Remix!) Launching Soon

Last summer, I launched a series of emails called 15 WAYS TO CREATE BUZZ FOR IN YOUR COMMUNITY.  This has turned out to be very popular and helpful to a lot of people.

Currently, I am doing a refresh of these and will be releasing them in an all new eBook format and PDF, complete with all new tips and content.  There’s a possibility I may even expand it from 15 ways to 20 ways.


In this eBook refresh, I will give you done for you steps on ways that you can create a little buzz in your community for your church.  Included will be step by step processes, ideas you can make your own and implement and insider tips from those that have done these before.

For example, I’ll tell you how you can do a free ice cream or coffee day in your community.  Who doesn’t love free coffee or ice cream?  And…it’s a lot less expensive to do than you think.

If you want to be the first to get this new refresh eBook, you can SIGN UP HERE.  I’ll send it to you a few days before everyone else gets it.  Or, if you’d rather go ahead and get the current 15 day email series, you can SIGN UP FOR THAT HERE.


I would LOVE a little help in getting the word out about this new project.  Could you help me promote the pre-launch by tweeting out this blog post or featuring this content on your own blog? That would be SUPER helpful.

If you think you might want to help get this content out, email me at or just leave a comment below.  Thanks!

Can An 18-Minute TED Talk Sermon Work?

I love TED Talks.  Seriously.  I could watch them all day.  I have to limit myself or otherwise, I would spend large portions of days just watching TED Talks.  Which would them defeat the purpose of watching them because I would be doing nothing with what I am learning or being inspired by.


If you’re familiar with a TED Talk, then you know the rundown; communicators craft an 18 minute or less talk about an idea, meant to inspire and be spread.  Sounds like a good sermon, minus the 18 minute length.  But here’s the million dollar question; can a sermon be 18 minutes or less and be inspiring and effective?   Continue reading

Can Your Sunday Announcements Use Some Work?

Announcements; the necessary evil of Sunday worship experiences everywhere.  If you’re like me, you are constantly asking how you can make them better, engaging and actually memorable.  They can either be a train-wreck or something that help motivate and mobilize your people.


Lucky for all of us, my friend Rich Birch at Unseminary has created an amazing resource to help our announcement time.  In his free eBook called EFFECTIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS: LEVERAGE 5 MINUTES IN EVERY CHURCH SERVICE TO MOVE PEOPLE TO ACTION, Rich gives practical and helpful advice on church announcements, the giving talk and even how to utilize effective images.

Download this gem and get it into the hands of the people who put together your announcement time, then let Rich know how useful it’s been.